How To Hire A Mortgage Broker

Prash Nayar and Sharon Hawkins discuss the advantages of having a mortgage broker and the steps to prepare for a loan.

How can an agent assist you when applying for finance?

Let Sharon Hawkins ( Expert Broker at Just For You Finance ) answer your questions with the guidance of Prash Nayar ( Your Trusted Curator of The Real Estate Times & Sales Executive at Harcourts Integrity, Perth )

Sharon’s View :
They show you what what’s out there, what’s out in the market and they are unbiased.
The bank will only show you their products and what they have, you may get a decline from a bank and think it’s the end of the line but it’s not, of course there are many options out there.
If someone is going to use a broker, before they even start looking for a property I would suggest that they actually speak to a mortgage broker to make sure that they can get the finance that they want to do and also see what is best deal out there and what is the best option for them.
Stops them from wasting a lot of time for real estate agents and themselves and putting themselves through heartache if there is something they need to do to be able to get the finance – they need to save some more money or they might need to be in their job a little bit longer.